Yoga in the Park with The YOGA Exchange

Please join us in September 2020 for the 4th Annual Yoga in the Park with The YOGA Exchange. 

In the meantime, you can continue to help fund Kleine-Levin Syndrome research by donating and making an impact! Suggested donation of $18. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Please give what you can. Thank you for your generosity.

100% of all donations go directly and immediately to fund KLS research being conducted by David Rye, MD, PhD, professor of neurology at Emory University’s School of Medicine and the director of research for Emory Healthcare’s Program in Sleep.

To donate by check, please make the check payable to Emory University and write the appeal code “9VDRS” in the memo section. Mail your check to:

Camille Sears, Director of Development
Emory Sleep Center – KLS Research
1762 Clifton Rd, Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA 30322

To donate online, click here:

Emory University has provided us with this link that includes an embedded appeal code designating that all gifts to the “David Rye Support” fund go directly and immediately to Kleine-Levin Syndrome research being conducted by Dr. Rye’s lab. There is no credit card processing fee when you use the Emory donation link. You can pay with a credit card or check out with PayPal. The suggested donation amounts are pre-set by Emory University. However, you can enter in any amount. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your generosity.

Your donation will make an impact. The Emory team led by Dr. Rye is actively involved in researching the cause and novel treatments for KLS and enhancing access for clinical care of patients suffering from KLS.  Ongoing projects include: a) distinguishing a spinal fluid signature in protein patterns unique to KLS; b) participating with other research groups in collection of DNA in order to define genetic contributions to KLS; c) development of novel tools for diagnosis and assessment of treatment responses; d) sustaining a database that includes all of the above as well as skin derived stem cells; and e) being a referral source for clinical evaluation and care of KLS patients.

We are so grateful for your kindness, love and support. Let’s keep working together to fund KLS research! Together we can make a difference.